2014/03/29   I went to Nanhua Dam and valley last saturday, that was my first time to go there. Nanhau water reservoir  is one of the main sources of water between Tainan and Kaohsiung . I felt that I stood ( was standing) in Heaven , the air was fresh there. It was low water season in winter . You can only walk on the riverbed into the valley from FEB to MAY of every year. The valley is on the bottom of Nanhua water reservoir . It has other name-Hell valley , because of falling rocks. The erosion of the stream out of the narrow valley is 200 meters long and 20 meters deep. There were towering cliffs and you can see a waterfall when you walked at the end of the valley. We had a photo where we were jumping at the bottom of the valley , We hiked for an hour to get there. We sat and relaxed near the waterfall for a few minutes and enjoyed being with nature. We left the valley before sunset . After we left the valley , we went to a place where we saw fireflies. It was a wonderful day !







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